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„a unique beer experience“

If you are a beer lover this type of excursion is exactly made for you! Come and visit the most famous Czech breweries of Budweiser or Pilsner Urquell. On the contrary, if you are fan of rather small breweries your personal guide will show you a couple of micro breweries with a great local atmosphere! During this excursion you will learn a lot about the history of the Czech beer as well as the beer production and the current economic figures. Come and have fun! The beer tasting is included. Cheers!

Entrance fees: 10-30 EUR,- person = adults (depends on the selected breweries).

Min. age: 18




10 hours

Distance from Prague

140-180 km

Price List

All indicated prices are excluded VAT. (VAT = 21%)

Excursion (1 or 2 destination) Duration (hours) Private guide service (for whole group) Private transport (driver + carpark) / (price per group) Book tour
1-2 persons 3-6 persons 7-12 persons 13-20 persons
BREWERIES TRIP 10 250 EUR 325 EUR 355 EUR 395 EUR 475 EUR Book now


All indicated prices are excluded VAT. (VAT = 21%)

Customer Opinion

This excursion is not only about beer but also about its production, traditions and history of local breweries in the Czech republic. The Czechs have the highest beer consumption i the world. We have learned a lot of useful information about microbreweries but also have seen a beautiful countryside of the Czech landscape. Excellent!