Our Vision

„Our vision is to give our customers a personal, professional and more than satisfying service. We do not compromise on quality. When you are making use of our services, it's like going to a decent restaurant instead of to a fast food chain."

Eva Hermans - GTP founder

Guided Tours Prague® & Events

GUIDED TOURS PRAGUE ® & EVENTS was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Prague. The company is a trendsetter in the Czech Tourist industry, attracting clients who want excellent service and an individual approach.

Our „TOURS“ section offers you services of professional guides who love their job and make your stay in Prague unforgettable. All our guides we do cooperate with are licensed (The Official Guide of Prague license), well-trained with lots of experience in guiding and fluent in foreign languages. They provide you with personal guided tours according to your preference.

Our „EVENTS“ section offers you great event coordinators who are well-trained in making multi-day programmes in many foreign languages. We provide you with private professional drivers, accomodation, restaurants, meeting rooms for your conference as well as various free time activities.

5 keys about our guiding and event support services


high standard of services and no compromise on quality


tailor-made tours/excursions/events


private professional guides/drivers/event coordinators


high commitment work and effectiveness


extensive experience in providing multi-day programmes for individuals as well as for corporate clients