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„the famous car factory and museum“

In 1895, Vaclav Klement and Vaclav Laurin founded their business in Mlada Boleslav. This makes SKODA one of the oldest and the most traditional car brands in the world. SKODA Muzeum brings the past to life in an authentic place, namely the former production halls, where cars were made as late as in 1928. After visiting the museum you will continue to the to the real SKODA factory with 3 current production halls where you can obsere how the SKODA cars are being produced. During the whole excursion you will get a detailed explanation of the production, history and various car models.

Entrance fees: 10,- EUR per person = adults, 6,- EUR per person = students,
incl. necessary reservation fee.

Min. age: 12




6 hours

Distance from Prague

50 km

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Excursion (1 or 2 destination) Duration (hours) Private guide service (for whole group) Private transport (driver + carpark) / (price per group) Book tour
1-2 persons 3-6 persons 7-12 persons 13-20 persons
SKODA FACTORY + MUSEUM 6 160 EUR 150 EUR 190 EUR 235 EUR 255 EUR Book now


All indicated prices are excluded VAT. (VAT = 21%)

Customer Opinion

Dear GTP team, We loved your excursion to the SKODA museum and its real production halls. It was very interesting and informative. Your guides are perfect! We would recommend this excursion to all schools as well as families.